Saturday, August 23, 2008

URL Redirection

Are you an affiliate marketer looking to cloak your affiliate links? Have you ever wanting to shorten your image links? Are you getting tired to remember those of your long favorites URLs or do you wanted to hide your URLs for some reason? Our service (uses 301 redirects) allows you to shorten your URLs by saves you from having to use long and ugly URLs that can break in your e-mails, forum posts, IM messages & etc...You can use your shortened URL to forward to a specific path and/or file on your site by simply adding that path and/or file name to the end of your shortened URL. For example, if Rick has the shortened URL: which forwards to: and he wanted to link to a page at: then he could just use the shortened URL: to forward directly to that page!If you choose to check the 'Hide Real URL?' box then it will allows you to keep your shortened URL in the address bar by using a hidden frame trick. This frame is invisible to the user. Then, if visitors bookmark your site, they bookmark your shortened URL, and search engines will link to your shortened URL as well. 90% of our users choose to use this feature.(optional) Insert a keyword of your choice, that's the string that will be given to your shortened URL (or leave blank for random).If you would like to track the hits statistic of your shortened URL, simply enter your e-mail address after it has been created. You will then be able to have it sent to your mail box.TIP: Whenever you have no confidence of clicking on any shortened URL that you seen anywhere which are created on our site ( as sometime the original URL from some users might lead you to a virus/malware/worm infested site that can attack your computer. You can then choose to preview it by putting preview. in front of the shortened URL eg:, it will bring you to a preview page which will allow you to preview the original URL before giving access. This way, you can more or less be sure that the site you'er about to browse is on a domain you trust!

Visit: to shorten your URLs now!